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Atabaques Umbanda has its roots in West African spiritual traditions, brought to the New World during the transatlantic slave trade.

In Brazil, these traditions integrated elements of Catholicism and indigenous beliefs and practices, as they developed mainly into Candomblê and Umbanda.

There are many forms of Umbanda and the principles and practices of Umbanda vary from temple to temple. While Templo Guaracy has its own distinct philosophy, it deeply respects all forms of Umbanda and all manifestation of wisdom as contained in the different spiritual traditions around the world.

Templo Guaracy do Brasil was legally founded in 1973 by Babalorixá Carlos Buby. Currently Templo Guaracy has over 600 mediums worldwide, including headquarters in São Paulo and nine other sites throughout Europe and North America.


Philosophy SymbolTemplo Guaracy is deeply committed to the preservation and integral development of Life. This commitment includes a profound respect for nature, both the natural world and the natural processes of life. In this Guaracyan Philosophy, Life is recognized as the most essential expression of the primordial light that at a given moment of eternity, fragmented. This fragmentation gave birth to our different forms of reality.

The tradition of Umbanda promotes the communication between the material and immaterial planes of existence, through the development of mediunity and perception. Templo Guaracy distinctly understands the purpose of this communication as providing guidance for spiritual growth and expansion of human consciousness.


OxumOrixás are specific qualities of energy that exist in nature. Templo Guaracy has synthesized these vibrational energies into sixteen Orixás, which follow a continuum, the Xirê, through the four elements of Fire, Earth, Water and Air.

Each Orixá can be understood as an element of nature, a force that manifests in our lives and an archetype. This is how Fire is involved in the process of creation and manifestation, while Earth influences our physical and material lives, our reality; Water relates to our emotions, and Air is associated with our intellect and spirituality. As we attune to the dynamics of the Orixás, we can better understand our own inner dynamics and the forces that drive our lives.

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